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Basic Git commands for new team member


Each developer who has some Git experience is aware that new team member who doesn’t have experience with version control systems can really mess the repository up. In this article I’ll try to explain basic Git commands, which will improve teamwork and help to avoid breaking the repository.


Setup Google Analytics in Magento

Google Analytics is very useful and powerful tool which will supply you with important data about traffic on your website, age of visitors, effectiveness of your marketing campaign etc. In this article I’ll show you how to quickly configure tracking code for each store in Magento.


Enable SSL in Magento

Installing SSL on your store will secure sensitive data transfer. In this article I’ll show you how to configure it in Magento.


PayPal Express Checkout configuration in Magento

PayPal is very convenient for your clients. It requires only few clicks to pay for their orders. Adding it to your store may significantly increase your sale. This article will help you understand each step of the PayPal payment configuration.


PayPal - developer and sandbox accounts

During the first PayPal payments and Magento store integration, you have to configure a test account which will allow you to test through all the payment steps. This article shows how to quickly and easily configure both Developer and Sandbox accounts. Go ahead and read it…


Log cleaning in Magento

Sometimes you can meet with Magento store with few hundreds products (up to 2-3k) where database is enormous and you think: why ? This situation is often related to log_* tables which provides to slow down the database. With properly setting up log cleaning you can avoid these problems. Check how you can handle with logs in Magento...


Login to admin area without knowing password

Sometimes we forget password to our admin account or we are knew in project and someone forgot to give us password to any admin account. You can find many other reasons but there is one good and simple solution for that. The only thing we have to know is the nickname of user with admin privilege.


Auto detecting line ending char

Unfortunatelly sometimes we have file ( i.e. csv ) which we want to read and import data from it to our database, but we are not the author of it. PHP can have problem with loading it.