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We've built a talented, full service team. Our people lead and deliver projects with energy and liability. We're flexible and responsive, adapting our own approach to meet with the needs of individual assignments. We stay close to our clients, cooperate with them as one team to create and deliver.

Radoslaw Toczek

Founder / Project Manager / Developer

Radek Toczek - founder/developer
Programming is my passion. I have over 4 years of professional experience with web development (Programming and Project Management). I've started my work when I was at the University of Technology in Wroclaw.

Grzegorz Gąsiecki

Backend Developer/JS expert

Everything is possible, not everything is worth it. Think a while before you start your work and the whole job will be easy and short. "...That’s my design..."
Grzegorz Gąsiecki - developer

Michał Straszyński

Junior PHP Developer

Michał Straszyński - Junior PHP Developer
Hi. I am passionate programmer with a fire for developing high quality applications. I am happy I joined the team and can take a part in building the best web applications.

Mateusz Jurzyna

UX/UI Designer / Frontend Developer

At present I'm working in Poland but I've been studying in England. For one year I gained experience in Germany. I'm classic web designer but sometimes working with backend:)
Mateusz Jurzyna - designer

Emil Grabowiec

Backend Developer

Emil Grabowiec - developer
Hi. I'm a passionate developer with over 3 years of experience. I'm sharing my knowledge at code-snippet.pl. I also graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology.

Jakub Kulig

Frontend Developer

Hello. I spent a few years abroad gaining web development experience. I really like staying tuned with the latest trends.
Jakub Kulig - frontend developer

Alicja Cyran


Alicja Cyran - administration
Hi, I graduated from the University of Wroclaw and I'm responsible for every single document in this company. Thanks to me, our crew can focus only on projects.

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We're proud of our team and we always look for more people with the similar passion & experience. If that's you, email us at office@prowebsoft.pl.